It's Your Story, It's Your Life™.

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Hi! I’m Donna Internicola, Certified Professional Coach, and I’ve been helping people accomplish their goals and dreams since 2012. 

Whatever your project might be – custom resume and cover letter, completion of your academic paper, writing your book, or simply finding clarity in life – you will feel heard, supported, and encouraged, and will get the job done. It’s all about you. It’s your story, it’s your life™. Envision Possibility©.

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My Services

Overwhelmed? Frustrated? Stuck? 

Write That Resume and Find That Job

I help you craft that custom resume and cover letter that helps you get the interview for that perfect job.

Finish That Paper, Get That Diploma

I help college students overcome their overwhelm so they can finish their academic papers on time, in budget, and graduate.

Find Your Path, Tell Your Story

Find help to stay on track to write that book, find your life direction and purpose, brainstorm ideas, and more. It's your story, it's your life.™

What My Clients Say

“With Donna’s help, I was able to get my thoughts out, organize them and write the papers at lightning speed! She saved me time, money and a lot of stress! I graduated in August and have never been prouder of my accomplishments. Having an educational coach like Donna was the best decision I could have made.”
J.M., Oregon
“OMG! I got the job! It’s perfect. You have so much to do with helping me get this position! I could not have done it without you! I’m forever grateful!”
J.S. Oregon
“I knew I wanted to work with Donna right away when I met her. She exuded peace, and a humble, gentle confidence. The steps we took together to do this were simple, and practical and it soon became clear to me what I was passionate about. It was not a specific career, or job title, but the qualities, the values, which I was defining that would then lead me down the right path. Donna’s joy and love of her work is contagious. It made me say, this is possible, I can find my way."
M.D., Oregon

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