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We hear all the time of how good self-care is essential to preventing burn-out and overload. Whether a walk around the block, a hike in nature, sitting in quiet praying or meditating, reading a book, or savoring a cup of coffee, whatever it takes, we all need to do what fuels our souls so that we can go out into the world as our best selves. Like the flight attendants tell us, we must put on our own oxygen masks first so that we can properly be there for those around us.

As a life-balance coach, I follow my own advice regularly and schedule “recharge time” on the calendar, often highlighting it in yellow as “My Time.” This is essential time for me and just as vital as any other important appointment. Except for an absolute emergency, it becomes unbreakable.

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I love water. I love the coast and will go walking in the forests or on the beaches rain or shine, hail or wind. But I also have another way of finding peace and recharging. A few years back, I discovered sensory deprivation floating. It’s a way of being totally free from any outside distractions and giving myself permission to be just as I am at that moment – for ninety minutes.

About a year ago I had a particularly calming and wonderful float. Afterward, I sat sipping my tea in the quiet room and wrote the following:


“I’m feeling very quiet and peaceful just now. I just had 90 minutes of quiet darkness in 800 lbs of Epsom Salt water. As the water is the same temperature as the air and the body, you can’t even tell where one ends and another begins. It’s like being weightless in space. Like being in the dark on a beautifully peaceful ocean where breathing becomes the music of the waves and the heartbeat keeps time. It’s 90 minutes of giving myself permission to just BE without distraction. It’s allowing myself to drift in imagination and daydream – something we don’t often give ourselves permission to do. It’s shutting down all the distractions from the outside and opening one’s self up to the cosmos.”

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So now, maybe this sounds good to you – or maybe you’d prefer something else. That’s up to you. But let me ask you this: Do youfeel drained or do you feel energized? What might YOU do to fuel and recharge your soul? I encourage you to think about it – and set that appointment with YOU.


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